How do I: 
(1) Event 
(2) Event

(3) Members
of our community 
Reserve a facility, shelter, or get information?  T  T  
Schedule my event in a public facility?  T  T  
Pay in advance -- as a resident or non-resident?  $ ====>  T $ <==== = $
 - Rent a room & lead a group or teach on my topic?      
 - Teach a class & get paid by the facility owner?      
Promote my event, time, & place my groups?  T    T
Attend an event:  T    T
Report my satisfaction to my friends & family?      T
Track results of events to decide on future events?   T  T  

(1) Event Manager:  A community member, key family organizer, leader of a group or teacher.
(2) Event Scheduler: Able to sign-in and enter the event, time, and location on a resource calendar. 
(3) Community Members:  Beneficiaries of the events and facilities of our Parks & Rec. Dept.