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Verify my ID & Residency?

Before I can enter a Parks & Recreation facility I must present my photo ID.
My photo ID must be issued via a government ID process and thus verifiable.
IDs:   I can verify who I am via:  Not Accepted:
   Drivers License  College ID
   Military ID  Library Card
   State ID  Sam's Club Card
   High School ID  Business Card
   If I do not have one of the above verifiable IDs  
   then I need to get a CFOne Card to enter indoor events.  
   When I register for a CFOne Card the first time 
then the card is free.  
   If I must replace the card then the cost is $5 /card.  

Note:  My photo ID is checked against the Ohio Attorney General's website.
If my photo ID identifies me as a sexual predator then I am excluded.
Thus, other people are protected from me.  

If I do not have a verifiable ID then I need to prove that I reside in Cuyahoga Falls.
So, I need a bank statement, utility bill, or other name & street address in Cuyahoga Falls. 

Ref: City Ord. 81-2005