See GOOG vs MSFT Calendars

 In Microsoft Outlook:   In Google Calendar:  Comments:
 Schedule a meeting.   Create an event.  
 Create recurring events.  Create repeating events.  
 Delete owner of an event  Change the owner of an event.  
 Recreate event as new owner.    MSFT needs more clicks.
 Schedule 1:1 for each meeting. Create open time slots for 1:1 meeting.  Get appt. to meet.
 Add guests to an email invitation.  Add guests to event details.  
 Add optional guests.  Mark guests as optional.  
 Schedule a conference call.  Add a video call in event details.  
 View calendars side by side.  Overlay calendars. GOOG calendars talk to others
 Use 'key markers' to identify events.  Add event flair to identify events.  
 Publish a calendar to Office Online.  Share calendar with the public.  GOOG is unlimited.
  Media specialists gmail links on 'how to'.  Less training needed 

Note:  The above assumes that a community uses one calendaring systems (like Google).
If multiple calendaring systems are used then more time is needed to navigate different calendars.